How can I be sure I'll use your affiliate link?

I created a Special Page where you can see how to check whether you'll use my affiliate link.

If in doubt, send an email to [email protected] and I will send you a direct link to the checkout page with my affiliate link.

How to claim your bonuses and bonus FAQ?

Just visit this page where I'll explain everything about bonuses and how to claim them.

Do I need to register myself on SelectYourBonus.com?

No, I'll create your account and send you your access details (username and password) and add your bonus points after you have send your bonus request to [email protected]

I can't find a product or your affiliate link, how to get it?

First use the search tab on GeorgesReviews.com and enter the product name.

Another good place to start is the New Offers Page where all new popular product launches are listed with the latest ones on top of the page.

If you can't find a review or product page with my affiliate link, send an email to [email protected], tell me which product you want to buy, and I will create an affiliate link that you can use. I usually can get links for products on these platforms: WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Zaxaa, PayKickStart, PayDotCom, etc.)

So, never buy any IM product anymore without getting my bonuses!

I have a question about a product or review, what to do?

I try to give as much information about a product in my reviews. But maybe you still have a question?

You can ask me anything...

Just send your question to [email protected], or start a chat on either GeorgesReviews.com (only available when I'm online) or via Facebook Messenger.

What happens if I want to get a refund?

If you are unsatisfied with the product you purchased, most of the times you can contact the seller during the refund period and request for a refund (but it depends on the vendor's refund policy). After you refund, you'll loose your bonus rights. If a refund is issued to you, I'll be notified and I'll change your bonus points and decline access to your other bonuses (if applicable). No need to inform me.

I prefer a cash rebate instead of bonus points and other bonuses, what to do?

If you want the 12,5% cash rebate, the product vendor allows this, and you didn't already claim your bonus points and bonuses before, you can opt for a cash rebate within 45 days after your purchase date. Just go to GeorgesRebates.com, read about all the details and conditions, and use the support system on that site to register your rebate amount (and claim your rebate withdrawal).

Can I get updates if you'll write a new review?

I have several Email Lists and other Notification Lists that you can subscribe to...

You can select out of Email, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Notifications, and Browser Notifications...

I segmented my email lists into 4 main topics: "New Reviews", "New Hacks", "New Product Launches", and "New Software White Label Launches".

Just select your favorite topic(s) and way to get notified.

What is the best way to explore GeorgesReviews?

Most of my reviews are written around the moment of the actual (first) product launch.

So, the latest product offers are on top of the New Offers Page and the individual reviews are listed in order of the most recent review date.

Another way to see what's new on all my websites including new articles on GeorgesHacks.com and new deals on GeorgesDeals.com, is to click on the What's New Menu Tab on GeorgesReviews (or on the blue button in the right bottom corner on my other sites).

But maybe you are looking for a specific solution and don't care about the latest "irrelevant" reviews or product releases?

Of course it depends on what you are looking for... but the top menu will help you out...

It starts with my Software Product Overview Page (Software Tab in the menu)...

Here you can easily select and filter down per topic/category and find more info about the best specific software applications.

For the other categories as Courses, Graphics, and White Label & PLR/RR rights, just select the proper tab.

For some special pages as JVZoo Top Picks, Top Sellers and Top Affiliates, select them in right "banner" menu.

To see which resources I'm using myself, visit my Resources Page.

And of course, you can always use the Search Bar in the upper left corner.

What other websites do you own or publish info on?

My target audience are online marketers who want to know and be updated about the latest techniques, strategies, tools, software and info products to help them with their online marketing.

That's why I created GeorgesReviews.com for product reviews and GeorgesHacks.com for more in depth articles (tips and tricks).

To reward my website visitors to buy through my affiliate links and give them bonuses they really want, I created SelectYourBonus.com, a membership site where users can change bonus points into their selected free products as WordPress Plugins, Software, and Info products.

As I also wanted to give special (more high-end) bonuses, I created GeorgesDeals.com. On this deal site I often allow my "buyers" to select extra free products (if they buy upsells or higher-priced items). But as these deals are so good... many people just buy them there (but often it's cheaper to buy another product from a different vendor and use my affiliate link to get the special deal as a free product).

Furthermore, I use some other domains starting with Georges... as this site GeorgesSupport.com, GeorgesWebinars.com (not yet active), GeorgesBonuses.com (to create special bonus pages with bonuses offered by the vendor and myself), GeorgesCourses.com (an almost finished free membership site for my clients with all kind of courses for online marketers), and GeorgesRebates.com (to register Cash rebates).

Do you offer coaching services?

Strategic Online Marketing Coaching

For small business owners, product creators, or affiliates who need some strategic online marketing coaching, you can hire me as coach.

I offer two types of services:

  • Written contact ($150.00 per hour). Here we communicate via email, Skype messages, or FB Messenger. Just ask all your questions, and I’ll answer them (usually within 24 hours).
  • Live contact ($200.00 per hour). Here we set a time slot and we do communicate “live” via Skype, Telephone, or Google Live/Hangouts.

After each session, I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.

(And of course, you won’t need to spend an hour of my time. You’ll only pay for actual usage of my time)

What kind of coaching can you expect?

Of course, I’m not a guru in every online marketing topic. But you can ask me anything about your online marketing strategies, plans, tactics, campaigns, and every aspect where you are struggling at the moment.

No matter whether it will be getting traffic, creating content, optimize conversations, or using the proper techniques and (software) tools…

You name it. And if I can’t help you myself, I probably know the right person to help you out.

Do you want to know more about George Eeken?

Want to know more about me?

Please visit my About Page.